Washington Updates: Reflections on 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, all of us at Upstream in Washington are thinking about the patients, providers, clinic staff, friends, communities, and partners that have helped Washingtonians receive access to contraceptive care.

In a time meant for reflection of the year gone by and hopefulness of the year to come, we are immensely grateful for the work and dedication that our partners across Washington have shown this year, for without them we could not accomplish our goal of reducing unplanned pregnancy in the state.

From our newest partners to those who completed their training and technical assistance work with Upstream, your hard work means more patients across Washington are able to access best in class contraceptive care. Thank you!

2021 Year in Review

Washington partners are working hard…

3 new healthcare system partnerships:

9 healthcare partners graduated Upstream’s program by completing their training & technical assistance work.

And making a big difference….

Combined with the work we’re doing in other states, Upstream is now positioned to deliver our program to health centers that serve nearly 800,000 women of reproductive age every year. This means there are nearly 800,000 patients who will now regularly be asked if they want to become pregnant in the next year as a standard screening question

Through patient-centered care.

Our health center partners received their new Patient Education Materials and started using them for contraceptive counseling!

Upstream partners who have completed training can access free, digital versions of the materials online at our Partner Portal website. Connect with your Upstream Team to discuss stocking printed versions or send us an email at info@upstream.org.

Looking Ahead

We’ve started work with Tacoma General Hospital (Multicare) on a new aspect of our program related to Immediate Postpartum Contraceptive Care (IPPC), which supports patients who have just given birth by addressing their contraceptive care needs. IPPC ensures any future pregnancies are planned on the patient’s terms with their health, and their baby’s health in mind.

Stay tuned for exciting policy developments related to IPPC access in the new year!

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