Supporting contraceptive access in Washington during COVID-19

During this global public health emergency, our thanks go out to the health care professionals and community leaders on the frontlines of keeping Washingtonians safe. All of us at Upstream are thinking about the health and safety of you and your loved ones.

We are grateful for the leadership of Governor Jay Inslee in declaring contraceptive care an essential service in Washington state, and wanted to highlight new and existing resources to support contraceptive access as we navigate this challenging time together.

Upstream’s COVID-19 Resource Page

Upstream has launched a webpage for health centers with the latest information regarding contraceptive care during COVID-19. This includes guidelines on counseling, stocking, and leveraging telehealth for contraceptive care, as well as the following toolkits:


Washington has expanded telehealth resources that can help health centers sustain contraceptive access:

Reimbursement Policy

In addition to telehealth reimbursement expansions, the Washington State Department of Health Family Planning Network is providing reimbursement for patients under the same billing used for the HCA’s Family Planning Only program. This allows providers more flexibility by simplifying the billing process and ensures patients have access to the care they need.


Pharmacists have a critical role to play in ensuring continued contraceptive access:


We understand that some health centers may be over capacity. As always, Upstream is proud to partner with Planned Parenthood and recommends referring patients to the following health centers if additional capacity is needed:

Upstream is eager to be a resource and partner. We are all learning together and responding quickly to ensure patients are still able to access the contraceptive care they want on their own terms. If we can support you in additional ways, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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