Listening Recommendations for #ThxBirthControl Day

Today is #ThxBirthControl Day, a day to celebrate birth control and all the reasons equitable access to birth control is so important.

To help celebrate, we’ve pulled together some some must-listens to add to your podcast queue to learn more:

  1. Life Kit – A Guide to Navigating Birth Control
    From NPR, an overview of the birth control options available, and advice on picking the right method for you.
  2. Heavyweight Short – Hallie
    Hallie relates her experience of trying to access birth control for the first time as a teenager, and the life-changing impact of the assistance she received from a staff member at her local health clinic.
  3. Science VS – The Legendary Condom Queen
    Learn about the amazing Dr. Joycelyn Elders and her efforts to promote comprehensive sex education as a means to reduce teen pregnancy.
  4. Vox – Podcast: how to prevent teen pregnancies? Start with a robotic pelvis
    From 2017 – A profile of Upstream’s work in Delaware to reduce unplanned pregnancy by training healthcare provided on contraceptive care and counseling methods.

What have we missed? What are your favorite podcasts about birth control access? Join the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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