Keeping patients informed about their birth control options during COVID-19

Upstream has developed resources for supporting patient communications, including sample language for email, phone, and web regarding accessing contraceptive care during COVID-19.

Working with and caring for patients has evolved rapidly, and we are grateful to our partners who are working to ensure that patient-centered, evidence-based contraceptive care remains front and center.

Patient Communication Templates

In the midst of COVID-19, it is crucial for patients to have full access to contraceptive care. We have provided sample language for patient communications to ensure all patients are aware of the care that is available at your health center.

Social Media Graphics
We have also provided graphics that can be used on your health center’s social media accounts to promote contraceptive care.

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Maximizing Your Patient Portal

As healthcare shifts to telehealth, it’s a great time to harness the full power of your patient portal. Early research has shown that patient portals improve adherence to medications and provide a secure, efficient way to communicate with patients. When you are busier than ever, using your patient portal can help you manage your workload while providing contraceptive care and access.

Here are some ways to utilize your patient portal to support patients with their reproductive health during COVID-19.

Messaging and notifications

Using your portal’s messaging and notification features is a great way to remind your patients that they can access contraceptive services and information through your portal.

If you’re using a system that allows for two-way messages, messaging can eliminate the need for a video appointment and give patients a way to discuss options and ask questions discreetly.

Pregnancy Intention

Even during a public health emergency, it is important to continue to ask pregnancy intention screening questions to help identify patients’ unmet reproductive healthcare needs.

Depending on how your health center has adapted workflows to transition to telehealth services, there could be several opportunities to ask about pregnancy intention, either as part of appointment request forms or other virtual interactions:

  • Include the pregnancy intention screening question in your appointment request workflow. Upstream has created guidance on this in our Phone Staff Scripts to support contraceptive access during COVID-19.
  • If Medical Assistants are virtually rooming patients before they are connected to their clinician for their visit, you can re-emphasize the importance of the PISQ and contraceptive counseling as a part of their telehealth workflow.
  • If your patients connect directly to their clinician for their visit, workflows may need to be adapted to encourage clinicians to have these conversations with their patients.

Additional Resources

We are so thankful for the work and dedication of our partners in the continued fight against COVID-19. Upstream is here to help in any way that we can. If you’re in need of more guidance, please send an email to

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