Delaware patient survey results

Patient surveys are important to Upstream because they enable us to hear directly from patients about whether we are achieving our goals. We have done similar surveys in the past in Ohio and Massachusetts. This most recent and largest round of patient surveys across many of the health centers we work with in Delaware again found positive results. These results are particularly compelling because we see the same results across different measures and across different states.

Increasing patient choice is central to Upstream’s approach. We work with health centers to help them expand the number of contraceptive methods they offer and to do contraceptive education and counseling using a shared decision-making model. So it is important for us to survey patients to ensure they are being provided with high quality counseling at the health centers we serve.

Three highlights from the full report:



Many congratulations to the great health centers of Delaware! The full report is available here. This data confirms that they are providing client centered contraceptive counseling that increases choice.

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