Bridgespan Group: “Billion Dollar Bets” to Reduce Unintended Pregnancies

Upstream USA is delighted to be included in groundbreaking new research from the Bridgespan Group on “Billion Dollar Bets” to reduce unintended pregnancy:

This concept paper, a result of Bridgespan’s recent research, Billion Dollar Bets” to Create Economic Opportunity for Every American, explores potential solutions to reducing unintended pregnancies in the United States. It focuses on building a national initiative that encourages and supports young women and their partners to make informed decisions about when to have a child and improving access to the most effective contraceptive methods. It also outlines the potential of seven investments philanthropists could make to improve and grow promising programs and to shift incentives and behaviors in an effort to reduce unintended pregnancies. Lastly, it puts the investments into economic perspective, quantifying their projected impact on the lifetime earnings of individuals and their families and highlighting for philanthropists the return on investment of such commitments.

In addition to highlighting our statewide public/private partnership in Delaware, Upstream USA is also listed as one suggestion for philanthropic investments to ensure that women have access to most effective contraceptive methods by training health centers to offer all forms of birth control, including LARCs (Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives).

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