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Spermicide and Gel

Explore > Spermicide and Gel

How do I use it?

Spermicide and Contraceptive Gel are substances inserted into the vagina before sex that work for up to an hour. Spermicide comes as a foam, gel,
cream, film, or suppository. Contraceptive Gel comes in a tampon-like applicator.

How effective is it?

Spermicide is 79% effective at preventing pregnancy. Contraceptive Gel is 86% effective. They
are more effective when combined with other methods like Condoms, Cervical Caps, Diaphragms, and the Pull-Out Method.

What I might like...

  • You can get Spermicide at most convenience stores and pharmacies
  • You don’t need a prescription to get it
  • You can start and stop using this method on your own
  • This method won't affect your milk supply if you are breastfeeding

What I might dislike...

  • You have to use it every time you have sex
  • You might experience an allergic reaction, bladder infection, or irritation
  • You won't be protected from STIs