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Breastfeeding as Birth Control

Explore > Breastfeeding as Birth Control

How do I use it?

Exclusive breastfeeding can be a temporary form of birth control for up to 6 months after giving birth or until your period comes back, whichever comes first. You need to breastfeed every 4-6 hours.

How effective is it?

Breastfeeding is 98% effective at preventing pregnancy when used according to guidelines. If you are menstruating, spotting, pumping, feeding your baby in any way besides breastfeeding, or more than 6 months postpartum, this method will not work.

What I might like...

  • You might like that it's hormone-free
  • You don't need a prescription or a procedure to use it
  • You can start and stop using this method on your own
  • Breastfeeding has a lot of health benefits for babies

What I might dislike...

  • You need to exclusively breastfeed from the breast to use this method. Pumping and hand expression don't work to prevent pregnancy.
  • You can't use this method if the baby drinks formula or eats solid foods
  • It takes time, scheduling, and practice. You need to breastfeed every 4-6 hours everyday to prevent pregnancy.
  • You won’t be protected from STIs