Amazing pre- and post-training data from NYC

Upstream USA trains health centers so they can offer their patients the full range of contraceptive methods, particularly the most effective ones, IUDs and implants. Nearly one year ago, we launched a project with The Door, a nationally recognized, multi-service organization in NYC that serves adolescents and young adults with educational services, counseling, job training, and reproductive health services. At the request of Renee McConey, their Director of Adolescent Services, we trained their providers to place and remove IUDs and implants; we helped with work flow, billing, coding, and solved a broad set of systems barriers; and most importantly, we trained the health center to shift the counseling to the support staff.

For the first time, women at The Door are now able to access the full range of contraceptive methods, and their shift in contraceptive preferences is dramatic:TheDoorResults

“We did not have the necessary systems in place to offer IUDs and implants. We needed help developing protocols, improving our billing and coding, and working on other systems issues. In addition, the clinicians needed hands-on training and direct support from a clinical expert. Once Upstream USA helped us with on-site clinical training and operational support, we were able to offer these methods immediately.” – Renee McConey, The Door

Governor Markell has said, “Helping women achieve their own goals of becoming pregnant only when they want to may be one of the most powerful ways we know to expand opportunity.” Strong research is backing that up.

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